What can I clean

Sonox is a portable unit that cleanses and sterilises any object that can be submerged within the ultrasonic cleaning tank. Everyday items which are used frequently and therefore more prone to bacteria and debris build up benefit greatly from a Sonox contact free deep clean.


Dentures, bite guards and bridges are all items that require daily cleaning. Bbut what about toothbrush heads, clearing the build-up of food and paste in-between the bristles?


Steam and solution-based cleaning systems already exist for baby items, but have you thought about how much build-up is left on as teats, dummies and cutlery?


Everyday wearable items such as rings, necklaces and watches attract a build-up of dead skin, soap residue and much more, but also harbour bacteria that can be harmful to skin and potentially passed onto food through contact.


Expensive knives can often become blunted by cleaning with scouring pads. Simply submerging knives in hot water and using a 30-second SONOX cycle cleans your knife thoroughly ready for use and still as sharp as ever.


Steam wands and other removabl parts of a coffee machine rely on daily cleaning to remove harmful bacteria. But research shows that the cleaning cloths usually used to maintain coffee making equipment are ineffective at destroying germs and may actually increase bacteria levels.. Our system removes stale milk residue and allows for complete cleaning, even on internal surfaces.


Much like the coffee industry, the at-home and high street bars all use items such as beer taps that can harbour a build up of harmful bacteria which is not removed, even when submerged in a sterilised cleaning solution.


Although the tattoo industry has adopted a single use policy for needles, are items such as the pen and concealing potentially harmful bacteria?


One of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide is the tobacco alternative, the vaping market. But what are we doing to ensure areas such as the mouthpiece is kept clean and sterile and not building up harmful bacteria and residue?