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Contactless Cleaning

Modern Design

The sleek and modern design of Sonox means it looks at home in your house.

Quick & Easy

From watches, coins and keys to jewellery, lenses and dental instruments, Sonox can clean almost any handheld item, eliminating bacteria from any surface, leaving it clean and safe for use.


Unlike other sonic baths, Sonox can be operated without a mains power supply making it quick and easy to clean anything, anywhere.


Hundreds of everyday objects that are used daily gather harmful bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye yet can multiply in seconds, passing from person to person just by touch. SONOX has an integral self-cleaning system and after a 30-second cycle, the unit is completely sterile and ready for use.

Self Cleaning

SONOX has an integral self cleaning system and after a 0-second cycle, the unit is completely sterile and ready for use.

Powerful battery

A one-hour charge provides 30 minutes of portable cleaning, making SONOX perfect for both commercial and domestic use

The Science behind our cleaning

Our ACCA Technology, harnesses the power of ultrasound to agitate and sterilise surfaces. Sonox uses a transducer to create 30,000 soundwaves a second, breaking down bacteria and unsightly surface deposits. It is more effective than other cleaning methods as it is free from human contact, and therefore an utterly sterile process. Sonox can also reach the parts other cleaning methods such as brushes and cloths cannot reach, making it ideal for items such as steam wands and beer taps that may have internal surfaces or intricate parts that can harbour grime.

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